Four things I did during the last summer:

First, a mapping research about gentrification and injustice development took place from the past 20 years in Malaysia. 



Second, translation work on Ketuanan Melayu and the nationalism of Malay archipelagos. 

Third, two research papers on social equality through arts, and self-organized art projects in Malaysia. I will be presenting the former one at CSAT conference in March 2018.
文化研究年會 2018

Fourth, I visited to Jeju Island, Busan and Seoul for F’s exhibition and No-Limit Festival, before the new semester commence.
Jeju Biennale 2017
No-Limit 2017

In this new academic year, I am preparing my oral proposal, while working on a research project entitled “Hakka, Basel Mission and Taiping Heavenly Kingdom”, we will put up an exhibition in 2019 at Academia Sinica.

I have been very busy and still long way to go, winter is here and I am hoping very much to go home in January.






作者: 陳世宏/主編











‘14年開始我踏入瘋狂工作期,在公在私都有很多飛行的機會,work hard play hard 用於形容當時的我就很合適。我一直都沒有讓人知道,我是怕高的人、但小的人;其實是不願意一個人如此頻密的飛,但我沒有選擇,工作的時候必須看公司的安排,自己去放鬆的時候卻只想獨處。所以偶爾在同一班飛機上遇到認識的人,心裏總是會感覺比較踏實。那一年,我飛了14次。




A trip by their own

I am feeling glad that our parents made the trip back to China on their own, although for a rather sad occasion which my granduncle passed away. For the first time the eight siblings travelled together, we called it 八仙過海, not to forget our relatives from Singapore too so all 12 together. Beside of the funeral they also visited to our family house from both sides, and found out my great*x10 grandfather was a minister (禮部尚書) back in the Sung Dynasty! From Google, he was one of the great person from Teow Chew (潮州八賢) and now his tomb is a tourist spot. Very overwhelming family history! And this really inspired me a lot to document the family history as soon as possible because the elders are getting older and memories are fading.. Though I am tied here in Taiwan now, I hope I can still make it!


All photos credit to our parents.

Thoughts on the demolition of Puncak Purnama


Image source: Malaysia Dateline



Image Source: Ooi Kok Chuen

This is an article I write to jot my thoughts and reflections on the demolition of Syed Ahmad Jamal (1929-2011)’s Puncak Purnama by the City Hall (DBKL) on July 1. I am rather reluctant to react as I was observing and analysing the reactions and critiques from other artists, art lovers and art workers. I guess somehow my voice can stand for the people who share the same generation with me (which are quite till now) as I guess we didn’t involve in that era of arts development, the emotional attachment if compared are rather less and indifferent. 

1. I was born in the 90s, I know SAJ from the text books of my secondary school art class, and have only seen the great artist’s Gunung Ledang series from a field trip to NVAG during my year Senior 3 at Chong Hwa. Unfortunately my Malaysian Art History subject at college has zero mention of him. 

2. I always drive thru Jalan Sulaiman but I never really paid attention to this public sculpture which has been standing there since 1986. Am I too numb to the surrounding environment or was it being built at a rather closed area? This is pointing to the strategy and accessibility when setting up a public sculpture/ public art.

3. I wonder will there be the same reaction and support from artists and art workers if that’s not a work done by the late national pioneer? Live recording of the demolition, media coverages, open discussions, art creation, call for police reports, petition, press conference etc. I think artists should be united anyhow to take collective actions against hegemony at all times and situations.

4. If City Hall have had informed earlier the decision of demolishing the sculpture, what sort of actions will be called and will these actions somehow affected on the sculpture’s fate? I am sorry to say I doubted on that.

5. There’s no doubt the city hall have to take full responsibility on this. And the spokesperson should apologize for his poor knowledge and skill of communication. Some urged the City Hall to rebuild the sculpture; two issues here: what is the point of rebuilding when the original piece was not valued and now demolished. When talking about art, or appreciating it, what goes first. the context or the form? If context goes first, what’s the point of rebuilding the same old form? If form, what’s the point of rebuilding while the original form has been torned?

6. Despite the loss of a public sculpture, I think this is rather a lesson for all of us to reflect and react to the development in KL/ Malaysia. Regardless we as a citizen, artist, developer or decision maker, think twice, do we really need this River of Life project, do we really beneficial from it, is there any alternative to balance between cultural preservation and development?

By jotting my feelings and thoughts to the incident took place, this is an article to introspect and remark, I do not declare my standpoint allied to the City Hall in any way. I might be too young and innocent to say thing and I apologize if this statement here triggers anyone, but comment and discussion are welcomed. 

How to get a Myanmar Visa in Malaysia?

Oh for the first time i am being practical on my blog, because i have hard time to get my visa done so i was thinking if anyone happens to browse through or search by, this could save a lot of time and effort.

I am going to Yangon for a residency program in this July. Surprisingly, Malaysia is one of the very few countries in Southeast Asia which still need a visa to get into Myanmar, for both travel and business purposes. To be honest, this is my first time to travel to a country which requires a visa, so i was trying to look from the Internet for an idea of how to get it done. Unfortunately the blogs and webpages I read through were outdated.

I first went to the Embassy of the Union of Myanmar located at Jalan Ampang, the security guard stopped at the entrance and directed me to an agency named Ever Fine Service located at Masjid Jamek. Say if you are going to apply your visa, I highly recommend you to take the LRT to Masjid Jamek Station. If you are coming from the direction of Sri Petaling or Ampang, the office is just on your right after you exit from the station. Else, if you are coming from Putra Line or Sentul, you will have to cross the road. If you need a landmark look for McDonald’s, the office is literally opposite of McDonald’s, you will have to go in from the entrance of Happy Holiday Hotel, head to the Mezzanine Floor using the elevator or stairs beside the reception.



Basically Ever Fine is the only place you could get a visa to Myanmar in Malaysia now (2016). You have to filled in a visitor form when you step in, for office record. Then head to the visa counter where you will see a standing board with an area cordon off says “VISA ONLY”. Go to the counter and fill up an application form which can be downloaded from this link, and submit a photocopy of your passport together with two passport size portraits. No return ticket or itinerary required as other bloggers stated. Then you will asked to make payment at another counter, a tourist visa is costing a sum of RM143.30 – RM85 for visa application, RM58 service charge and RM3.30 for GST. A tourist visa is expiring in 3-months time from the date of issue, and you will have 28 days in Myanmar upon arrival.

I submitted my application and made payment within 5 minutes, I was there around 3pm and no queue at all. If you managed to submit your application form and documents by 11.30am, you can collect your visa on the same day from 4.30pm to 5pm. If not, visa can be collected on the next day from 4.30pm to 5pm too. Please remember to bring along your IC (or other identification documents) and receipt for collection, i forgot mine and got humiliated by a staff so so badly in front of other staffs and customers very loudly. It was really awful and i felt really shameful for the services they provide especially with that rate for service charge. After all, i am sorry to say but don’t expect too much from the service line in Malaysia lah.

If you think this is complicated or difficult or if you are seeking for an easier solution, you can try for an online application here, or just get a travel agent to run this errand for you. Online application costs USD50 for tourist visa and USD70 for business visa, and from a friend’s experience, a travel agency is charging RM200++ per application.

Hopefully this post is helpful to you, at least have a clearer head of what to prepare, where to go, how to apply. If you have further questions, feel free to leave me a comment below, I am more than happy to assist within my ability and knowledge.

Cheers and have a wonderful trip in Myanmar in advance!


Of white, green and blue

It all happens because of my new relationship, he was working on a project in Zurich and my residency programme scheduled on March was postponed to July, hence I’ve got a slot to visit to Europe again. Here are some images captured with our film camera, a rough record of the places where we visited in Switzerland and Germany. Enjoys!


F1040004F1040007F1040015F1040022F1040028F1040030Whoops, the last image was taken at Perhentian Island 🙂

Problems with Proposal

I am very keen in putting things down in a sheet, it is a way for me to organize and somehow act as a reminder to (re-)direct me throughout the process of something. But recently I find a phobia within me, I have a handful of proposals in my working folders which I’ve done long but never sent out.

Why? I don’t quite remember since when I have this feeling of completing the project already following the completion of my proposal. This so awfully annoying and procrastinating me from sending out my exhibition proposals, funding applications etc. Tell me how you cure this please!

Greece, The Birthplace of Western Civilization

Procrastination is getting severe on me. It is almost one year after our expedition to Athens and Santorini last summer and I finally have the time to sit down and post some photos from the trip.

I don’t have much impression of Athens, it is quite disarray than I expected. The old civilization and philosophies didn’t get through the modern real life I guess. The collapse of its economy was one of the reasons for us to have made the trip actually, as currency rate was much friendlier if compare to other times and other places. I think the whole trip we spent each of us about RM1.5K including return tickets from London, ferry to Santorini and flight back to Athens, 6 days of accommodation, food etc.

Attraction I best like is the Acropolis Museum; I have been touching a bit of Greek History since high school till college and also in my amatuer night classes, but it was my first time to witnessed all these amazing historical sites and valuable relics. The museum is built where exactly on top of the ancient acropolis was but a much more smaller scale. And we were lucky enough to have a professional archeologist to have attended to our curiosity and inquiries in the museum.


Acropolis Museum behind us



View of Parthenon from Acropolis Museum






View from the top

After few days staying in Athens, we took a 9-hour ferry to the world famous honeymoon destination – Santorini. I rented a very nice cave house thinking to spend time in the house as the island is very small (30 mins by car from north to south) and everywhere is almost the same, but eventually my parents thought we shouldn’t waste time inside the house and so we rented a car and drove along the island. Strongly advise if you want visit to Santorini, go with your lover not family, and definitely not alone if you are not so strong enough inside. Also, be prepared for super touristy encounters.


The house we rented. Facing the Aegean Sea. 


Night view


There is a saying that goes like Santorini is a cake full of whipped cream..


Renting a car is very affordable on the island. 40Euros per day and petrol is about 20 Euros.


At the Kamari Beach


Bumped into a very lovely bookstore at Oia



Always sending some cards before I left

If you ask how I like Greece, I would recommend it for vacation; breathtaking sunset over the landscape and chilly pace escape from the hubbub, what else you need for a leisure holiday! It is also very easy for vegetarian to travel around as you would find a wide choice of food from the Mediterranean menu. But I would not come back to this place as it is too touristy! And I feel like there’s an absence of its historical and academic side which I really like to look into. Overall it was a pleasant journey for us, good for family and money value.







2015 A Kind Year

So here come the time for a review.. Time flies in the speed of light, is this a sign of getting old? Despite of all the hiccups and uncertainty (as usual) 2015 has been really kind to me. 

First, I managed to took a one-month leave and visited Europe again with my family out of the very busy working routine. I appreciate the family I was born to, the freedom and understanding given are priceless and incomparable. Being able to meet my brother and his family and reunion with the cutest niece in the world was one of the most wonderful moment in the year. 

Beside of marking footsteps to a few cities in the United Kingdom, I’ve also traveled to Amsterdam, Athens, Santorini, Taipei, Taichung and Busan this year. I was actually planning to go for a short trip in December but the extension of my working contract didn’t allow the idea. Well lots of people say they are jealous with my traveling experience but hey I am also very jealous of the zeros you accumulated in your bank! 

Shifting to projects, I’ve worked in a lot of interesting projects this year: Ismail Hashim at NVAG, solos with OAP, installation of AiWeiWei’s Divine Proportion with Rogue Art, Hua Zong Literary Awards with Sin Chew, Ju Percussion Group Tour Asia Tour in Malaysia with Hands Percussion, and of course TransActions in the Field with Lostgens’ and Goethe-Institut.

I’ve also curated an exhibition at G13 Gallery entitled Contemporary Propulsion: Influence and Evolution which showcased works from Dasein’s lecturers and alumnus. I have exhibited my Sewing Project in the same show and in Logging In with MIA alumnus, and invited to join the 8th Nyoba Kan International Butoh Festival in August.

I set a target of 50 movies to watch and 50 books to read for each year and this year I have watched a total of 56 movies and read 25 books by far, no more complaints. Amongst the list I want to highlight a few movies which is going to stay in my Top 50 list, Her (I watched this again because i was stucked with my writing jaja), The Book Thief, The Hundred Foot Journey, Nymphomaniac, Into the Wild, Bright Days Ahead and Men of Talvivaara Mine. 

Last but not least, the credits always go to the people! Family and friends, old and new, regardless the nationality or ethnicity or age or gender or profession, I am very glad that you attended in my life and care and love and guide me. We might not keep close contact but all of you are remembered and missed. 

So, here’s my summarisation for my 2015, nothing big nothing much but good enough to move me forward. Next year, looking at something big but personal, wish me luck!